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Tips for Searching

Please note that in some cases, the indexing of enterprises and individuals changed when
PLANET was implemented. The following are some of the changes you should be aware of:


Caisse Populaires  (you must do 2 searches when searching for a Caisse Populaire)
        Shippagan, Caisse Populaire de   (ROFS)
        Caisse Populaire de Shippagan    (PLANET)  Indexed the way they were incorporated.

Municipalities  (you must do 2 searches when searching for a Municipality)
        Fredericton, City of   (ROFS)
        City of Fredericton    (PLANET)   Indexed the way they were incorporated.
        Moncton, City of       (ROFS)
        Moncton                   (PLANET)   Indexed the way they were incorporated

        All government departments now appear as Finance instead of Crown, NB, Finance
        National Revenue instead of Crown, Canada, National Revenue.
        Crown, NB and Crown, Canada were removed from all entries during the conversion
        of the ROFS data into PLANET.

          J. Ronald Richard:   Richard, Ronald (J.)   (ROFS)
                                         Richard, Ronald         (PLANET)
                                         Richard,   J. Ronald    (PLANET)

          Jane Day-Wilson:    Wilson,  Jane  Day - (ROFS)
                                         Day-Wilson,  Jane    (ROFS)
                                         Day-Wilson,  Jane    (PLANET)

          Charles Van Horne: VanHorne, Charles   (ROFS)
                                          Horne, Charles Van  (ROFS)
                                          Van Horne, Charles  (PLANET)

          James de la Mothe:  Mothe, James de la   (ROFS)
                                           De la Mothe, James  (ROFS)
                                           de la Mothe, James   (PLANET)

          Chan Tou Lee:         Lee, Chan Tou   (ROFS)
                                          Lee, Chan Tou   (PLANET)
                                          Chan, Tou Lee   (PLANET)
                                          Tou, Lee Chan   (PLANET)

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